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Below is a list of downloadable documents in word or PDF format for your personal research. A special thanks to Dr. Bill Osmunson for his compilation.

Right click the links below and “Save As”

Appendix V 2007 USP NF (PDF)
13 Documents – Packet 1 (ZIP 1.81 MB) Including, Infant Damage
9 Documetns – Packet 2 (ZIP 5.66 MB) Including, Thyroid Damage
17 Documents – Packet 3 (ZIP 6.92 MB) Including, Brian Damage

The Flouride Debate – Responses to the ADA (PDF)
14 Nobel Prize Winners who object to Fluoridation (PDF)
Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides (PDF)
50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation – Dr. Paul Connett (PDF)
The Natick Report – Study Group on Fluoride Report to the Town of Natick, MA (PDF)
Town of Wilmington Summary on Fluoridation (PDF)
Cities Rejecting Fluoridation (PDF)