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About Clean Water Yamhill

Hello and welcome to the Clean Water Yamhill webpage!   This blog was formerly known as This blog is an online resource for a growing grass-roots coalition of individuals, families, organizations, businesses, et. al., whose common goal is to end and prevent the outdated practice of public water fluoridation in all communities within Yamhill County, Oregon. We will accomplish this through a coordinated and collaborative 4 step process:

1- Organizing: Build a list of interested citizens, select a leadership/steering committee

2- Goal-setting

3-Education of both the public and elected/empowered officials

4-Legislative/political action

Currently, there are two public water supplies that add fluoride chemicals to their public water. These are: McMinnville Water and Light and City of Sheridan. All other cities in Yamhill County are currently free of fluoridation chemicals.

Thank you.

(Updated June 2013)