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Shocking information on fluoridation in NY state

January 24, 2011

Here’s an interesting post summarizing studies and reports on the effects of fluoridation in New York state.

Heavily footnoted, this is a list of facts relating to the inefficacy of fluoridation just in NY state alone. Here’s a sample of some of the dozens of entries:

Noting that NYC has been fluoridated since the 1960’s, the report cites:

— According to New York University’s School of Dentistry, “The need for dental care is especially acute among impoverished (NYC) children, who have 60 percent more untreated cavities than their peers at higher socioeconomic levels.” (3)
(3) New York University, School of Dentistry, “Speaker Miller and City Council Expand Dental Services for Needy Children”

— Lack of oral health care for adults in Harlem is a hidden crisis, write researchers in the American Journal of Public Health. (4)
(4) “Lack of Oral Health Care for Adults in Harlem: A Hidden Crisis,” Zabos, et al, American Journal of Public Health, January 2002, Vol 92, No.l

We recommend that you glance at the complete list – it is shocking. If fluoridation is so great, why do we have these many examples of its failure?

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