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Fluoride supporters getting desperate

January 24, 2011

An editorial, noted on the RSS news feed to the right of this post, and entitled “The benefits of fluoride should no longer be open to debate,” shows just how desperate pro-fluoridation editorialists are getting these days.

Here’s a sample of the verbal attack which never addresses the scientific evidence piling up that debunks this religiously-held belief in fluoridation as a panacea for cavities.

The author says she’s glad she doesn’t have to sit in the Alberta city council chambers to listen to “the conspiracy theorists who flock to such meetings in tinfoil hats, swearing they are receiving radio messages from the ether.”

She’s wrong. Clearly she’s never been to one of those meetings. I’ve been to many. The rest of her screed isn’t worthy of rebuttal. It is full of non sequiturs, personal attacks and irrelevancies, like her childhood.

’nuff said.

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