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Albany, Oregon lowers fluoride levels

January 15, 2011

Reactions to new federal and state guidelines calling for lower fluoridation levels are coming in thick and fast. Several cities in Oregon have already taken steps to do so.

Albany is just the latest. Read it here: Albany lowers level of fluoride

The Albany water system has lowered the degree of fluoridation in line with new guidelines, Public Works Director Diane Taniguchi-Dennis has announced.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency said last week that too much fluoride apparently was causing mild tooth spotting among a few children. It recommended that water systems limit fluoride to no more than 0.7 parts per million or milligrams per liter.

Albany said earlier this week it was awaiting new guidelines from Oregon public health officials. On Wednesday, Dennis announced: “We have adjusted our fluoride target dose to 0.7 mg/l in accordance with the regulatory guidance we received from the Oregon Department of Health today.”

Among mid-valley cities that fluoridate their water, Lebanon and Sweet Home also said they were reducing their levels in line with the EPA report.

Now, if they would just wise up and get rid of it entirely, we’d all feel a lot better. Remember, there’s tons of fluoride in our food, our mouthwash, our toothpaste, at our dentists’ offices….

Furthermore, Portland and Eugene, among other Oregon cities, do not add fluoride compounds to their drinking water.

Enough already…

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  1. January 18, 2011 9:35 am

    And to the west was the aluminium works in Skawina whose pollutants included fluoride a by-product of producing aluminium that forms an acid that eats glass much to the detriment of Krakow s churches.

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