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Kids growing pains linked to Fluoride

December 25, 2010

Here’s a balanced post on links fluoride consumption and leg pain in young children. (Hat tip to Doug Y!)

The Thai doctor being quoted notes that other diseases can cause leg pain and he gives several ways to rule them out.

Some snippets from the article:

Growing pains are normally felt around the knees, the front of the thighs and the shinbones, as well as the ankles and feet. However, when you try to pinpoint the exact spot of pain, it just can’t be located. This is because it’s actually leg-pain symptoms, not the inflammation of muscles.


When it comes to growing pains, there is no inflammation of the muscles, joints or tendons, and the child actually feels better when the painful area is massaged.

Observations on the connection of fluoride sensitivity and growing pains

Dr Direk believes growing pains are connected to fluoride sensitivity.

“Fluoride is actually useful as it helps prevent tooth decay by building enamel. At the same time, it also stimulates the build-up of periosteum in the bones, which some children are sensitive to,” said Dr Direk.

In the past, after Dr Direk has ruled out all other causes of leg pains in a child, he has advised cutting out fluoride.

“In such cases, I would explain to the parents that their child does not have any serious disease, and that the symptoms can be relieved by massaging or temporarily stopping fluoride intake under supervision of a dentists,” he said.

However, he noted there are few studies showing any relation between fluoride sensitivity and growing pains.

The patients will be told to stop taking fluoride for about a month, and if the symptoms disappear, resume taking fluoride in a few months.

If the symptoms return, it shows your child has fluoride sensitivity. Consult a dentist about how to control the consumption of fluoride.

Certain facts about fluorideDespite the overwhelming evidence that fluoride can prevent tooth decay and contribute to the strength of bones, there are some statistics on the internet that show fluoride can also cause harm, such as mottled teeth, bone disorders and degenerative changes in the vital organs.

The information below from the website listed many examples of fluoride sensitivity from the past.

In 1950, five years after the experimental introduction of fluoride into drinking water in Grand Rapids in the US, the number of deaths from heart disease nearly doubled. Death rates due to cancer, diabetes and arteriosclerosis were all markedly increased compared to death rates for the rest of the state.

Also, in the Chilean town of Curico, fluoridated since 1953, the annual statistics revealed that among malnourished children in comparable to non-fluoridated towns, the general mortality was higher in Curico by 113%, compared with the average for the rest of the country.

The website also cited research by Professor A K Susheela of the Fluoride and Fluorosis Research Foundation of India, a consultant to the Indian government, who published over 100 scientific papers on the hazards of fluoride.

She showed that when bombarded with fluoride, in the form of fluoridated water, toothpaste and mouth rinses, muscles and elements of connective tissue, particularly collagen fibre and bone tissue, undergo degenerative changes.

In Birmingham, where water had been fluoridated at 1 ppm since 1964, more than a third of children suffered from dental fluorosis.

In India, the water supply in many areas once contained high levels of natural fluoride. An estimated 62 million people, including 6 million children, are afflicted with endemic fluorosis.

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